Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Children are Gifts!

This morning I woke to read another wonderful Blog, Diary of A Mom, which by the way if you get a chance to read it, do so. A new post was on her Facebook page and it caught my eye. Why you ask? Because it was different than her normal introduction. It started out "Murder is Murder". As you can see why I would feel the need to read more. As I read it was about a woman that had murdered her own son, how a person was asking to be understanding about what she had done. I had not heard really about this case, while I have posted on my Facebook several recent incidents of horrible acts upon children with special needs, I felt I should know more about this case. So off to Google I went. Alex-Spourdalakis, is a mother who killed her 14 year old son, stabbing him until he died. He could have lived, he should have lived. I always wonder why people ask that mercy be showed to people who have done such horrible things to someone that has special needs. Tell me, when did she show her very own son mercy? He suffered through every single stab wound. It didn't help him. It only helped her because she would no longer need to care for him. That was not mercy, I can only imagine the treatment he suffered prior to his death.
Just yesterday on my Facebook I posted a very sad story about a five year old girl with Autism in New Mexico, watch the video and decide what you think about the conditions and what they mother says. I will say, I am pretty sure law enforcement know the difference between pudding and poop!
 It always breaks my heart when children are hurt and abused. Here locally another child was abused as well as an adult again by a mother. DCF: Autistic victims safe after alleged abuse. While there are sadly a thousand stories like this all over the world right now, I wish that there was none. It breaks my heart. Let's be very clear here, I understand that taking care of a child who has special needs is challenging, I have two boys that have Autism, so I get how challenging life is. I get that there are days that you wish that you had a "NORMAL" life, although I am really not sure what that is.

If you feel overwhelmed, take a time out for yourself. Hurting or killing your child will serve no purpose. It will not help you or your child. So back to the beginning of this post, where someone was asking for mercy for someone that has harmed or murdered any child. I am sorry, no I cannot show sympathy. I love my children. And in closing yes, Children are gifts. We should treat them as such. Okay so there is my rant for the day. Until next time.