Monday, May 30, 2016

Hello Again

After a VERY long break from blogging, and well pretty much everything else except my family and school, I am happy to report that we have achieved so much in the last two years and thankful and blessed by all that has changed.

Since my last blog, I obtained my degree in Special Education. I attended Florida Gulf Coast University. Which will always be one of my best experiences EVER! If you are not aware of this college...think Sweet Sixteen..Cinderella Story in 2013/2014 Season....I was then and continue to be proud to be an Eagle. I met some of the most amazing people there and became friends with many of them. Friendships that will continue on past college and for the remainder of our lives.

I found a job at an amazing school and have I swear the best students in the world! I am so blessed!

And my two amazing boys! Wow! Where do I begin.....My oldest Alex is just continuing to make gains! He tested at grade level during his end of year testing. I had tears as many parents know getting to that point is such a struggle. He makes friends with everyone that he meets. Well almost. He has informed me that I am not allowed to go to his school anymore because I will embarrass him. When asked what I could possibly do to embarrass him he stated "you know kiss me, hug me, call me sweetie or something lame like that!" okay so noted to not do any of these things when visiting him at school. And then there is my sweet cuddle bug Randy that will always and forever be my love bug! I honestly believe this! He has become more verbal this year. And he is able to get himself dressed. Mind you his pants are on backwards but they are on people! They are on! And I didn't have to do it!!!!!

Now that we are all caught up......what to say...I guess nothing more today..

Enjoy each moment. Each smile, each giggle, each hug and kisses.. Each Mommy or Daddy....each snuggle cuddles, each I love you...or each I don't like you! Every moment is worth it...Each milestone that is reached is so precious.......When starting this journey I would never thought that we would be here today......but here I stand...on the other side of the storm...stronger than ever....better than ever...happier than ever........don't give up.....never give up on them!!! Or yourself!!!!