Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Love Firsts!!!!

     I love firsts with my kids. I enjoy each and every one of them. I think that I treasure them more because of their Autism. Today was one of those days that my kids show the world that autism didn't win and that they can and will live a happy life. We were invited a friends' sons' tenth birthday party at a local "fun zone". Loud music, flashing lights and lot and lots of know everything that makes for a a major meltdown! We decided to at least try because Evan was so very excited about going....we got there and music blaring! Thankfully Evan was excited! Stemming alot but he was happy to be there! He allowed the attendant to put the wristband on. Good. We bought he tokens for the games and off he and the other kids went to play games and have a blast! I of course rushed behind him just to make sure he was okay. And he was! He was running and laughing and having a blast with the other kids. Lazer Tag was fun! I thought oh no those noises are going to drive him crazy! Nope! He did great! Had a great time!

       We then went over to have pizza and soda. I began getting worried because I knew that the cake would be next. Evan hates that song. I went up to him at the table and quietly whispered, "They are about to sing the Happy Birthday song, you want to step away?" his reply so simple and firm "no I want to sing." I stepped off to the side near enough that if he needed me I would be there. He happily sang the song with the other kids. I happily watched as my little boy was doing something that he once would have a meltdown at the sound of that song. I know there were tears in my eyes, and yes I know that some of the other parents noticed and didn't understand. But it was okay because, I did.

     After the cake came presents, he was so excited when his friend opened the gift from him. They both cheered when he opened it! I cheered too! So it was for a different reason, they didn't know that! After cake and presents, the boys decided they all needed to ROLLER SKATE! What! Okay, this Momma just went into freak out mode. I pretended to be very calm about the whole thing, went with him to get his skates and helped him put his skates on. Oh my wobbly little guy! He was not used to have those skates on. We went around the rink, he kept saying "Mom, don't leave me!" I won't and didn't! After one lap, he was done! Sorry no pics, this Momma was too busy being there for him to take a pic! And off to play some more games and have more fun with the other kids. The last and final bit of fun was bumper cars. Dear Lord help me! Amazingly he did great!

     Overall it was a great day! No meltdowns. And even more important he had a great time with other kids and the other kids had a great time with him! I am so very proud of him and all the firsts that he had today.
     And I am thankful for each and every one of those moments that I was blessed enough to share with him today.