Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mommy Time!

        A lot of times as parents of kids with Autism, we seem to put our own needs and care on the back burner. We say, once the kids are taken care of we will go to our own doctor or take a day for ourselves. Normally that day never comes. With Autism it seems there is always something that comes up.
        Why do I say this? Well, I am of course guilty of saying I will go to the doctor, or take that Mommy Day. And then something comes up. Either my youngest is sick or something else comes up. So my doctors appointments get rescheduled and rescheduled until I just decide I just can't go and cancel them. This past weekend, I was taken to the hospital with severe pain and bleeding. I learned some very heartbreaking news. I am not sure that the outcome would be any different had I gone into the doctor last year like I was supposed to. Or gone every six months like my little sister said to. But here I am. Listen up all you Moms AND Dads take care of yourselves! Take care because we have these amazing angels to take care of! I am lucky, and I will have surgery and be okay. But sometimes, some are not as lucky. So go to your doctor, get a check up. If you are feeling off, take care of yourselves.
         Even if you just need a day off, take one. For all those family members and friends of families with a child or children with Autism, offer to help out even if it's for a few hours. Those few hours really can make a huge difference. We all need a break, so offer up some time. I promise it will mean the world to that Mom and Dad that you did that. 
         I love to read. Any chance I get to read, I will take advantage of it. With my iPad in hand I snuggle up on the couch and read. That is my get away. The great getaway. With that said, I just finished reading a book. A great book that I loved! "Soul Finding" by C.L. Crowe. If you get a chance check it out. Great book. Great person! Great MOM.......
        Take the time, read a book, go for a run, have lunch with a friend, watch a movie. Do whatever it is that you want to do, just take that time out for yourself. I know it's hard. As a mom of two boys with Autism, Lord knows that I know it's hard. You still NEED to do it.