Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fighting Each Other

I don't know if this is a rant or a plea. Yesterday on one of my favorite support pages on Facebook, Autism Parents Support and Discussion Group, there were multiple posts about pages of hate against those with Autism and other disabilities. The posts were asking for help. I saw when someone said something that others didn't agree with they became just as bad as those who create these horrible pages. It really broke my heart into a million pieces. Cries from others to stop and telling them that we need to stop fighting each other, sadly fell onto deaf ears I felt. Some chose to leave the page because it was becoming so horrible.
  I want to make something very clear, to all parents, advocates, family and friends of those with Autism or any other special need, if we for any reason behave in such a way that we call names to others who may not agree with us, WE ARE BECOMING EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE STANDING UP AGAINST! There is no debate it is what it is.
  I was so worn out yesterday, and just by asking them to stop we became victims of their own hatred. I still haven't decided if I will stay on the page but I do know that it was a great place before yesterday. The reality is, that there are those out there that find it funny to make fun of others. They take joy in hurting others. And yes sadly our angels the ones we treasure so much fall victim to their hate and cruelty all too often. As parents and loved ones we would love to stop all of that hate and make them see how much pain they are causing. Hoping that some light bulb will come on and they will never do it again. The reality is, it's just not going to happen. We can protest and demand that Facebook take down their page. And it may come down. But mark my words they will make another one.
I never saw one of the pages that they referred to. Many of us had not. I am not saying since I didn't see it that we shouldn't say something. What I am saying is, we all have different opinions about how to deal with a situation. But what I witnessed yesterday was like a witch hunt. It was as if one person would attack and others would follow. What makes this so sad is it makes us look like jerks that cannot be taken seriously. I personally want to be taken seriously. I want to have my voice heard with the law makers about the kind of hate and terrorizing that is done by the people behind those pages. I don't want to fight with the same person that is supposed to be by my side to help fight against it.
  As parents of children with Autism, we have been told, pick your battles. I am challenging each of you pick your battles. Don't battle each other. Don't belittle others that do not agree with you and what you are doing. Accept that their have their own opinion and thoughts on the matter.
  On this same page I saw a picture of a young boy who was in the hospital because his caregiver at a facility abused him. I could see the bruises the shape of their fingers, it broke my heart for him and for his family. I sat and cried for them for a long time. And then I thought back to yesterday. This is what we should be standing up against. This right here is where our voices need to be heard in a huge collaboration! STOP THIS! My hope is that this is where we all use our voices. Against those that hurt the ones we love, not against each other.

So there you go, still not sure if it's a rant or a plea, but there you go. Until next time, I am going to snuggle watch a movie with my two precious gifts while we listen to the rain outside.