Monday, June 17, 2013

Gotta Love It!

There are good days, and there are bad days...and then there are days that are just okay. I haven't figured out what today is. Chris has become stir crazy in this house, but I know that if I let him out the door, he will make a b-line straight for the pool! Why is this a bad thing? Because as always with my little accident prone child, the one that fears NOTHING! He was outside yesterday and managed to find something that since that time I have NOT been able to find to literally slice a huge chunk out of the bottom of his foot! He started screaming and I ran to him, saw him bleeding, scooped him up and raced inside. Cleaned up his foot, put some medicine on it (yeah that went well!) and then bandaged up his foot. I decided for extra safety put a sock on his foot. Why is this a problem? Because on top of his Autism he has a lot of sensory issues. So socks bandages...NOT HAPPENING! So running all over this place inside and out with a wound on the bottom of his foot makes for a sure visit to the doctor. No matter how much I clean it, medicate it, and bandage's not working....So guess who gets to see his most favorite Pediatrician tomorrow? Yep you guessed it Chris! All because he doesn't want a bandage on his foot! And is he cranky! I know he hurts, and I wish I could make it all go away. But gosh bless him, he just doesn't understand that he cannot take the bandage off. It bothers him so he wants it off. So back to the original question, why would it be so bad that he got into the pool? Can you imagine how it would feel to have the chlorine hit that wound? I can already see him screaming....

On to even more fun! Evan and his daddy seem to be at odds today. Everything gets Evan mad at him today! I am seriously tired of playing mediator between those two. Can we just call it a night and be done with this day! I have been to the doctor for myself, found out that the furniture I ordered won't be in for another WEEK! And dealt with two kids with Autism, a husband that I swear has Autism, and the heat! I love my family, and appreciate them more than anyone could ever imagine. But right now, I would love to have them all sleeping soundly. Quietly in their beds so I can do my homework, get ready for my classroom observations tomorrow and maybe just maybe find some time to watch the latest episode of the Client List. Is that really too much to ask?