Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lessons Learned

Over the last six years, on this road of Autism, we have learned many lessons. And to be fair, we learn new lessons each and every day. I do not claim to be the know all of Autism, I don't claim to be the perfect mother at all. I make mistakes each day. I can forget something or put the wrong food on the plate because it's been a long day and I seriously just made it longer.
Last night another important lesson. Have you ever been so busy during the day that the moment you finally sit down you remember that you needed to do something and when you remember finally it's too late to do anything about it? That was me at 8PM last night. I sat down to relax after cleaning the house, pool time with the kids, running some errands (well almost all of them), more pool time, dinner time, clean up the house again, get the kids bathed and rest for a few minutes before bedtime for the kids and I remembered I FORGOT to pick up Chris' medicine from the pharmacy. You know the medication he needs to take to go to sleep...yeah that medication is still at the pharmacy. So here is me, jumping up to call to make sure it's ready. What! They are closed! Oh that's right the prescription is at WalMart Pharmacy and they close at 7 pm on Saturdays. Of course!
I prepared myself for a very long night! Mind you he woke up at 6:30 in the morning. He finally crashed and I do mean crashed around three this morning. And of course woke up at 7 this morning. That's right, four hours of sleep. I guess I should be appreciative of those four hours,  I could have no sleep, but a part of my body is screaming at me saying you need to sleep! Oh and don't forget to go get his medication today!
Lessons learned. So many things that we have learned along the way. For instance, don't forget their favorite toys when we go somewhere. And please never let it be forgotten at the school on a Friday. Always have OREO's in the house so no meltdowns happen. Pray that there are no loud or weird noises that is going to upset Chris. Keep the phone away from Evan as he just learned to call 911 and feels the need to call them to bring him Halo Masterchief costume. Make sure we have strawberry syrup for their milk. Make sure that all the locks, you know the locks that make this house more secure than a prison, make sure that they are all locked up. They are there for a reason. Make sure that iPads, iPhones and any other electrical device is in a military grade case or it WILL get broken and it WILL cost you a lot of money to replace. Money that most of us don't have to waste on a replacement.
Whatever lessons you have learned along your Ausome journey it's important to remember the fun and amazing parts. I love the smiles and laughs that my kids give me each day. The wonder that they share with me. The lessons that they teach me all the time. I am blessed to have these two angels in my life. I am blessed by the amazing people that have come into our lives since we began this journey. I am blessed and thankful for everything that I have and appreciate that with each day I see my boys grown and progress. I am thankful.