Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year and Welcoming 2014

Hello everyone out there! What a year 2013 was! I am so very thankful that is gone and we are welcoming 2014 into our lives! From Ed losing his job, being home for well almost all year and driving me crazy. My car accident, and eventual surgery on my shoulder, to how just amazing our two  wonderful boys are doing and progressing.
No worries, Ed found a new job and starts in a couple of days. We are very blessed and thankful for his new job. He is very excited about it. My shoulder, while I complain about it every day, will eventually heal and physically I will be put back together again.
The last year however for the boys, what can I say? It's been nothing short of amazing. I have seen both my boys making so many strides this past year that it's a little over whelming to sit and think about it all. In 2013 Evan learned how to read, begin his academic side of school and does very well. He is at GRADE LEVEL work! Hollar for the boy on that one! He isn't required to take AR tests but his friends take them so he asked to take them and he is doing great. Makes him want to read more. The spelling words are complex words and I am so proud that he is doing so well with him. He loves engineering and science the most I think though. Don't tell his teacher though, her passion is reading and I think he lets her think that is his passion as well....She is an amazing teacher though. Really been blessed having her teach our son. He has learned to self sooth and calm himself and his behavior is getting better and better. We had once thought that he may never be mainstreamed. Now we are seriously looking at the notion that he is going to be mainstreamed in the future. So proud of him. He is working so hard. He still has stuff to work on and we are doing that. But knowing how far he has come is just the best gift a mother could ever have!
On to Christopher. What can I say about this kid! He is blowing all of us away. My once not potty trained, non verbal kid that sat in a room and watched the same movie over and over and played with the same toy over and over again is now potty trained, starting to talk, and I mean three word phrases not just one word here one word there. He is counting to ten. He is showing progress and comprehension at school and at home. He is watching new shows, playing with others, playing with all kinds of toys. He smiled, and enjoyed Christmas morning for the very first time in his six years of life. No screaming and slamming to the floor. Now these are pics that I will treasure forever. Having them love the morning and celebrate Christmas with us as a family for the very first time, it was the best Christmas gift I ever received.

All I can say is keep it up my two amazing, brave boys. Mommy loves you to the moon and back. I am doing all that I do because you two both have shown me to never give up. Keep working at it until you get it and always have faith that you can do anything you set your mind to. I graduated with my AA degree last month. I begin working on my Bachelors in Special Education next week. I am excited and nervous.
For a long time, sadly, my husband and I, pulled away for our faith and God. We can use many excuses as to why. None are good enough however. This last year, through all the challenges, we found him again. Of course one could contend that it was us that was lost not him. So in a way, we were found by God again and brought back home. God has given us so much to be thankful for and we feel so blessed. We at times feel that at times this year things were difficult. But he brought us to it, he will see us through it. And that he did. We came out through the darkness to other side to find ourselves stronger and happier than when we went into the darkest part of the year. He gave us the strength we needed. He carried us through the challenges of the year. And yes we were blessed and we will always be thankful for the blessings he has given us. This new year, we vow to stop trying to drive the bus ourselves, and let him have the wheel again. We literally made a train wreck driving our way. He knows the way, might as well let him drive!

May the Lord Bless you and keep you all the days.